About the Chamber

On behalf of the Lawrence Chamber of Commerce, I would like to welcome you to our community.

Lawrence is truly unique. Our businesses accentuate individuality and character; our vibrant downtown strikes a balance between distinct local shops and nationally recognized retailers. The crown jewel of Lawrence, the University of Kansas, can also boast of local uniqueness with national appeal. Although known for their superiority in Research, Pharmacy and Aeronautics, KU’s tradition-rich basketball program receives national attention every winter.

Lawrence is a proud community draped in rich history. Here culture and the arts aren’t an event, but a way of life; proximity to metropolitan Kansas City is a luxury and not a necessity; and diversity is woven into the very fabric of our heritage.

Strong community spirit can be found throughout Lawrence; in the laughter of children playing in its neighborhoods and parks; in the mighty cheers that rise from Memorial Stadium during a fall football game in one of the country’s most picturesque settings; in the sounds of a jazz band on a downtown sidewalk as shoppers stroll by; in the clangor of hammers during construction of the new Arts Center.

We hope that after looking through this publication, you’ll want to discover our city. Whether as a visitor, prospective new resident or business owner, once you come here, you will never want to leave.

Lawrence. It really is…the art of a city.